One of the core goals of our church is to lead people to consistently study scripture.

We believe that studying scripture helps us know God more intimately and grows us in knowledge and wisdom.  We also believe that God uses our time in scripture to refine our hearts to be more like His and to develop Godly character in us.  As we invest time in personal and group study, we are equipped to live as God desire for us to live.

We believe that every person who desires to follow God should consistently study scripture.

In addition to studying passages of scripture together through weekly sermons, we encourage individuals to be engaged in a smaller group setting for the purpose of studying scripture.  There are Bible Study classes for all ages on Sunday mornings at 9:15 and adult and youth Bible Study classes and Awana for kids  on Wednesday nights.  Women’s Bible Studies are also offered on a rotating basis, with day and night options.  We are also launching “Reading Scripture Together,” which includes personal daily scripture reading, a blog to share insights and read the insights of others, and monthly discussion opportunities that provide encouragement and accountability.