Explore the Bible is a fun and engaging curriculum that moves through the Bible book by book.  The object based lessons give children a historical, real-world basis for understanding scripture in context.  Scripture memorization and easy-to-understand Text Truths round out each lesson which is reinforced with fun activities, each designed with a purpose.  Explore the Bible provides a foundation for Bible study at an age appropriate level.

Kids will gain a deeper understanding of God’s relationship with His people in Bible times and now, helping us to realize how much He desires a close relationship with us.  The Bible is timeless.  God is eternal.  Scripture is as relevant today as it ever was.  Navigating through life can be confusing for all of us.  Scripture provides the direction and wisdom we need to stay the course.

At Mulberry, we offer the Explore the Bible curriculum in classes of all ages, preschool through adult.  This gives parents a great resource for scripture study and discussion with the whole family, and enables families to apply the Bible to daily life.  Come join us as we Explore the Bible, Sunday mornings at 9:15 a.m.