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The Cooperative Program is Southern Baptists’ unified plan of giving through which cooperating Southern Baptist churches give a percentage of their undesignated receipts in support of their respective state convention and the Southern Baptist Convention missions and ministries.
Mulberry Baptist Church is committed to local, state, national and missions around the world. The primary expression of this commitment is seen in our support of the Cooperative Program. The Cooperative Program is Southern Baptists’ method of pooling resources in order to do more together than we could separately. Churches designate a portion of their receipts for the Cooperative Program. These funds are sent to state or regional conventions where a portion of the money is kept for local ministry and missions and a portion is sent to the Southern Baptist Convention where it is distributed to our agencies and used to fund missions both at home and abroad. At Mulberry, we commit 3.48% of all of our undesignated gifts to the Cooperative Program, while 3.12% goes to the Bayou Baptist Association.

The Bayou Baptist Association
The Bayou Baptist Association adopted the following strategy plan in October 2003.
The purpose of the Bayou Baptist Association, a family of autonomous churches working together, is to plant, promote and develop strong, healthy Great Commission churches.



We will focus on helping our churches develop and implement a Great Commission strategy through local and global partnerships and shared exeriences.


Building Great Commission Partnerships



Randall & Tanya are missionaries for the Bayou Baptist Association as Compassion Ministry Field Specialist serving the Bayous and Beyond in South Louisiana. Randall is also the founder and director of Community Impact of Bayou Baptist Association which partners with congregations, businesses and ministries to provide services and activities to the Bayous and beyond. 

Randall began dreaming big for God. Living and working in a transient area, Randall and the folks at Hope Community Church where he is the lead pastor reached out to the families/children of their community, where childcare is a major felt need. Both parents end up having to work to provide for their family. “We’ve loved their families, and as a result we are seeing moms and dads, boys and girls come to know Jesus. We add stability to their lives,” Randall commented. “I get to love and serve the kids, and help to develop their character and spiritual foundation so that as they get older they can become Christians. That is what my mom did for us growing up. About 70 percent of the people that come to our ministries do not go to church anywhere.”


Randall’s message to Bayou Baptist Association:

“Dream big for God. Don’t get discouraged when it seems like something is not happening, because God promises that His Word will not come back void. Keep being faithful, and keep being creative. Stop and talk to non-Christians, and ask them what it would take to get them in to start a faith relationship with God or come back to God.

“Thank you for what you give to the Bayou Baptist Association, Cooperative Program, the Louisiana Baptist Convention and the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering. Do you wonder if it does any good? Well, it is helping right here in Terrebonne parish. Are people becoming Christians? “Yes” they have and will. People are becoming Christians in Louisiana because of your gifts, your prayers, and because you cared enough to send and support a missionary.”


Prayer requests:

  • Pray that people will respond to God’s call to missions.  It takes a lot of volunteers to do all these outreach ministries at our churches.
  • Pray for the volunteer who serve in our association/churches.
  • Pray for safety for the Pastors/Staff and open hearts for the people they meet.
  • Pray Luke 10:2 “For more workers to work in the fields”…..


Thank you for honoring your commitment you made to God to evangelize and serve this vast region! Your giving and participation mean so much.

Honoring His Call,

Randall Gill


Our Mission

Community Impact of Bayou Association exists to serve the Terrebonne and Lafourche Parish families in need and assist area churches to do together what they cannot do alone in our communities.  Block parties, food distributions, multi housing ministries, community service projects, and disaster relief efforts are just a few ways that Community Impact is ministering in this Association.

If you would like more information about Community Impact or any of our outreach opportunities, please feel free to contact our office.


To Contact Randall Gill

P.O. Box 70, Chauvin, Louisiana 70344

Office: 985-868-7352

Cell: 985-232-6314