Our Beliefs


Jesus said that he came to earth so that we might have life, and have it to the fullest.  We believe that true life comes through Christ alone, and we want to be a place that helps introduce people to the Savior and Lord of the world.  We also believe that we were created to share life in relationship with others, and we want to be a place for all of life to be shared.  Celebrations. Difficult circumstances.  Times to persevere.  Times of doubt and fear.  Times of spiritual growth.  Times of personal frustration.  As a body of believers joined by Christ, we share all of these experiences together, and not just as observers.  We go through these experiences together, carrying one another’s burdens and rejoicing with each other as well.


We believe that we never get “there” in our spiritual growth. We encourage all believers to be engaged consistently in Bible Study.  We also believe that God has created and gifted each of us uniquely. We encourage believers to know and utilize their gifts, strategically serving in order to help others have a personal relationship with God and grow in spiritual maturity.


If you would like to read more about our church, please see our Beliefs document.